Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Around the House...

Its been almost a year since we moved into our new house and we're currently working on finishing the basement. Our dream is to have a fully functional, ear-drum ripping 6.1 surround sound home theater, complete with wet bar and big screen

(we have a 55" TV right now....but there is room for larger, later)

We've been working up a storm on our home theater room. 2 weeks ago I got the prep work about 90% finished. The framing is done, the electrical is done, and I have some HVAC to modify - run a heating vent down to the floor. We're also about 1/2 way through the drywalling (Nic and I have been working on it together).

Here is a sketch of the details, a couch we like for the room and the colour scheme that we both like for the theater room.

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