Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Straight out of, these Acrobots remind me of a childhood toy I once had. Micronaughts were little robot men with all kinds of outlandish vehicles which "transformed" through creative assembly of various parts.

I remember fondly days spent playing with these toys. I had motorized elevator lifts, and faction "wars" and all kinds of hyper-imaginative fun with them. I even had friends come over to play Micronaught wars with me.

Ah the good old days....

I want a couple just for the sense of familiarity from my childhood toys. Hmmmm....I wonder if micronaughts still exist somewhere in the world of e-bay. Wouldn't my wife just love it if I ordered up some Collectors Item "Micronaught Super-Deluxe Dreadnaught Battle Cruiser" to display in the home theater?

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