Monday, April 23, 2007

Micronauts Redux

Call me sentimental. Call me dumb. I bought a collectors set of 4 unopened micronaut figures on ebay for about $20. Don't tell my wife!


Cameron said...

I am sooooo jealous.

Worth noting too that the comic book was unexpectedly good considering it was based entirely on a toy-line. This was also true for 'Rom: SpaceKnight', but I digress.

Did you find an 'Endeavour'? (the Micronauts ship)

Jefe said...

They are hard to find. Apparently the toy company that made them went out of business about 3 years after their release. (childhood oblivion made me miss out on this).

There were a few knock-offs by other companies and apparently they were VERY popular in Italy.

I saw an incomplete one, but missed bidding on it. I may keep an eye out and 're-collect' a few, depending on how cheap they can be obtained for, and how much Nic objects.