Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Authoritarian Followers - Web Book by Bob Alemeyer


A web book about those people who follow Authoritan Figures - specifically pointed at Modern U.S. Politics.

Exerpt: The Right Wing Authoritarian test:

Score each question from -4 through +4 where -4 = Strongly Disagree, and +4 = Strongly Agree.

For compound statements (with more than one idea, combine your scores – so a strongly disagree (-4) combined with an agree (+2) should score out as a -2.

1) The established authorities generally turn out to be right about things, while the radicals and protestors are usually just "loud mouths" showing off their ignorance.

2) Women should have to promise to obey their husbands when they get married.

3) Our country desperately needs a mighty leader who will do what has to be done to destroy the radical new ways and sinfulness that are ruining us.

4) Gays and lesbians are just as healthy and moral as anybody else.

5) It is always better to trust the judgment of the proper authorities in government and religion than to listen to the noisy rabble-rousers in our society who are trying to create doubt in people's minds.

6) Atheists and others who have rebelled against the established religions are no doubt every bit as good and virtuous as those who attend church regularly.

7) The only way our country can get through the crisis ahead is to get back to our traditional values, put some tough leaders in power, and silence the troublemakers spreading bad ideas.

8) There is absolutely nothing wrong with nudist camps.

9) Our country NEEDS free thinkers who have the courage to defy traditional ways even if this upsets many people.

10) Our country will be destroyed someday if we do not smash the perversions eating away at our moral fiber and traditional beliefs.

11) Everyone should have their own lifestyle, religious beliefs, and sexual preferences, even if it makes them different from everyone else.

12) The "Old-fashioned Ways" and the "Old-fashioned values" still show the best way to live.

13) You have to admire those who challenged the law and the majority's view by protesting for women's abortion rights, for animal rights, or to abolish school prayer.

14) What our country really needs is a strong determined leader who will crush evil, and take us back to our true path.

15) Some of the best people in our country are those who are challenging our government, criticizing religion, and ignoring the 'normal way things are supposed to be done".

16) God's laws about abortion, pornography and marriage must be strictly followed before it is too late, and those who break them must be strongly punished.

17) There are many radical, immoral people in our country today, who are trying to ruin it for their own godless purposes, whom the authorities should put out of action.

18) A "woman's place" should be where she wants to be. The days when women are submissive to their husbands and social conventions belong strictly in the past.

19) Our country will be great if we honour the ways of our forefathers, do what the authorities tell us to do, and get rid of the 'rotten apples' who are ruining everything.

20) There is no "ONE right way" to live life; everybody has to create their OWN way.

21) Homosexuals and feminists should be praised for being brave enough to defy "traditional" family values.

22) This country would work a lot better if certain groups of troublemakers would just shut up and accept their group's traditional place in society.


Ignore questions 1 and 2 for scoring purposes.

For questions 3, 5, 7,10, 12, 14, 16, 17, 19 and 22 score each answer as follows:
-4 = 1 point, -3 = 2 points, -2 = 3 points, -1 = 4 points, 0 = 5 points, +1 = 6 points, +2 = 7 points, +3 = 8 points, and +4 = 9 points.

For questions 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 18. 20 and 21 score each answer as follows:
-4 = 9 point, -3 = 8 points, -2 = 7 points, -1 = 6 points, 0 = 5 points, +1 = 4 points, +2 = 3 points, +3 = 2 points, and +4 = 1 points

Now simply add up your twenty scores. The lowest possible total is 20. The highest is 180.