Friday, March 23, 2007

Knowledge and Belief are Episodic...

We each know a number of things, and we each believe a number of things - but we don't have to have these bits of knowledge or belief on top of mind at all times to retain them.

I "Know" that If I take one apple and put it in a pile with 2 more apples, I will have three apples.

I "Believe" that when I go to sleep at night, I will wake up the next day and the sun will have risen just as it has many times in the past.

I don't need to think about how 1+2 Apples = 3 Apples at all times to be able to retrieve this knowledge at any time...thus the knowledge is episodic. When I need to think about the apples, the knowledge "should" always be there for me to retrieve.

I don't need to examine the rationality for my belief that I will awaken tomorrow and the sun wil rise/have risen just as it has so many times in the past...thus this belief is episodic...always available should it be challenged in some way but not on top of mind unless, for some reason, i need to recall it.

That being said, how many episodes (re-runs?) do we require to cement a piece of Knowlege or a snippet of Belief into our permanent repository, and how cemented do these items need to be to affect our outlook/worldview from outside our current episode? (subconsciously)

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