Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Faith or faith?

Quote for the Day:

"...when [SOMEONE] says "I have faith in god" - it is nothing like the same thing that religious people mean when they say they have the same faith. No, [SOMEONE'S] faith in god is quite simply a faith in being able to recognize the best human potential that exists in the particular human agent, also exists in all human agents regardless of their "other beliefs." But this is the basic hope of the atheist, we all have this sort of "faith" that the best aspects of who we are (intellectually, sensually, emotionally, aesthetically, empathically) as individuals are also present in every human being on every corner of this planet. (Calling this hope "god" is a deceptive ploy aimed at provoking alarm amongst the humanists, and also it is a vain attempt to put oneself "above" everyone else by claiming for an authority where no such external thing exists.) "

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